Absence Procedure

If your student will be absent, please contact the office at 802-442-5955 or info@vsnb.org. The office staff will notify your student’s teacher. 

Tardy Procedure

If you know in advance that your student will be tardy, please contact the school (as you would do for an absence) with your student’s estimated time of arrival. The office staff will notify your student’s teacher. Tardy students should use the main entrance doorbell and wait to be greeted by an office staff member.  If your student will be tardy and needs a school lunch, please call the school before 9:00 a.m. 

Early Dismissal

Parents must email or call ahead to the main office at 802-442-5955 or info@vsnb.org to notify the school that your student(s) will be picked up early. Communicating this information to the teacher is not enough; please contact the main office. The main office will inform your student’s teacher of the early pick-up. Anyone, other than a parent/guardian who is picking up a student early must be on your student’s Emergency Contacts list. 

The adult picking up a student should ring the school doorbell upon arrival. An office staff member will greet you and then call the classroom. Please be prepared to show your photo ID (e.g. a driver’s license). The process of dismissing a student early may take up to five minutes, and we recommend you build this extra time into your schedule.    




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