The following programs will run once per week from the week of March 11 through April 12, 2019.  All programs will run from 3:00 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. A snack will be provided for each child. Please make checks payable to VSNB. If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Maher, Director of Extracurricular Activities:


Tabletop Games  

Instructor: Andrew Straub

Grades 4-6

Max. 8, Minimum: 4

Location:  Library

Under the guidance of local gamer, Andrew Straub, students in this program will learn how to play various tabletop games, including Dungeons & Dragons types of games, as well as other more unusual board games.


Fly-Tying Lessons (PLEASE NOTE: This is a 4-week program, with the last class on 4/02/19)

Instructor: Christian Betit

Grades 4-6

Max. 6, Minimum: 4

Location: Library

Christian Betit, of Trout Unlimited, will teach students basic local river entomology and what the flies used in fly-fishing represent. Students will learn where the materials used come from and how they represent certain insect regions. In this program, students will be shown how to apply the materials and use the tools, with the main goal as having their own fly to go home with.



Instructor: Karen Gover

Grades: K-6

Max. 12, Minimum: 4

Location: Gymnasium

Instructor Karen Gover has studied many different forms of dance.  In this program, Gover will teach a hybrid of dance forms with a focus on having fun, moving to music, and learning new dance skills.

Introduction to Chinese

Instructor: Keely Durkin

Grades: K-2

Max. 12, Minimum: 4

Location: TBD

Bennington College student, Keely Durkin, will teach basic Chinese language skills through a movement-based method of learning, one that will keep younger students engaged with the material. Rather than the rote lists of animals, or grammar points (“I am hungry,” “you are happy,”) Durkin plans to teach through practices like dance or tai chi. In learning to synthesize mind and body, these lessons are sure to be memorable, to increase interest in the language for later study, and also to be just plain fun!


Introduction to Advanced Japanese

Instructors: Kameyo Okamoto & Katharine Rose

Grades 4-6

Max. 12, Minimum: 4

Location: 4th Grade Classroom

Taught by two Bennington College students, this course will focus solely on the Japanese language.  This is a great course for any student wishing to learn the basics, but also for students who were enrolled in the previous AEP session’s “Intro to Japanese Language & Culture” as well because there will be new material with the focus shifting to more advanced Japanese language skills.


Scrapbooking Fun (PLEASE NOTE: This program will run for 4 weeks, beginning on 3/22/19)

Instructors: Tammy Carpenter

Grades 3-6

Max. 12, Minimum: 4

Location: Library

Led by Tammy Carpenter, students will learn how to layout and create their very own scrapbooks to keep.  Students must bring in at least 50 photographs to use in their scrapbook, but everything else will be supplied.