>> Click here to download the Sign-Up Form. It must be returned to the school office or to Rachel Maher by Friday, March 6. 

The following programs will run once per week from the week of March 9th through April 10th.  All programs will run from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m..  Please note that the fee for After-school Enrichment Programs is now $10 per meeting, in order to cover the instructor fee and the cost of snacks.  Classes without minimum enrollment may be cancelled.

 Payment is due along with sign-up form by FRIDAY, MARCH 6TH.  


Watercolor Class 

Instructor: Rhonda Ratray (The Left Bank)

Grades: Kindergarten through 6th grade

Max. 12, Minimum: 4 

Location: Art Room

In this class, students will learn techniques for mixing paint, handling brushes and using watercolors to create gradations, blends and layers in their paintings. Students will experiment with different types of resists to create designs as well. This class is open to students of all ages and artistic abilities.

Trading Card Games 

Instructor: Keith Carey (Gamer’s Grotto)

Grades: 2nd grade through 6th grade

Max. 10, Minimum: 4 

Location: Library

This group will be learning how to play both “Magik: The Gathering” and “Pokemon” trading card games. Cards will be provided for this program, but students may bring their own cards from home as well.  Please note that students must be able to read well in order to play these games.


Munch & Swirl: A Guided Painting Exercise 

Instructor: Gabi Rynes (Vermont Arts Exchange)

Grades: 3rd grade through 6th grade

Max. 10, Minimum: 4 

Location: Art Room

Students will munch on popcorn and other snacks while learning to paint like a pro!  Because the group will be using acrylic paint, which can stain clothing, students are asked to bring a smock from home; button-down shirts work best for this. Please note that the projects will be different for this session, so students who participated in the last session are welcome to sign up for this program again.

Tabletop Role Playing Games  

Instructor: Andrew Straub

Grades: 4th grade through 6th grade

Max. 8, Minimum: 4 

Location: Library

This group will work on learning pen and paper RPGs (role-playing games). Students will learn how to create characters, work as a team, solve problems and slay monsters.

Please Note: 

A limited number of scholarships are available; please inquire about scholarships by contacting 

Rachel Maher via email at or by calling (802)442-5955, ext. 308