Dear Families,

Next week is national Teacher Appreciation Week. This is its official title, but I think it is important to include all the adults in our school community, because everyone contributes to teaching our students, whether directly or indirectly. So next week we are going to celebrate “Educator Appreciation Week” for all.

I have said it many times before to our educators, but I again want to express my thanks and deep respect for the work they all do in support of our kids. You may be sick of hearing it from me, so I am sharing some other voices that say it more eloquently than me. 

This is an excerpt from an email I received this week from parent Kristen Dunican:

“I get overwhelmed with gratitude when thinking how lucky my child has been, and still continues to be as part of the VSNB family.  There is flexibility when needed, compassion and understanding. Kudos to you all, we appreciate you and recognize how much hard work goes into raising our Village of kiddos.

We also received a letter from parent Kim Krall, and I asked her permission to share it, as I believe it speaks to how many of us feel. 

Dear VSNB Teachers and Staff,

Due to Covid our regular ways to celebrate our teachers during Teacher Appreciation week will once again be postponed. However, our ability to express our gratitude in the form of a letter still exists!

The teachers and staff at the Village School have been absolutely extraordinary during these very difficult times. You have provided our children with a safe place to grow and learn, a safe shelter from this storm.  Your tireless dedication to our kids is now, more than ever, so easy for us to see.

You, as the educators, may argue there is nothing tireless about your work, as you juggle in person and remote students, safety and health protocols, meeting kids’ and families’ extra social and emotional needs.  This is really just the start of the list of your day to day work, while still trying to meet the standard academic goals for the year.  We see you and could not be more grateful.  Our kids come home so happy to have been in school all day. They are learning and complaining about homework and it has never felt more precious.  The work you do is the most important work of all. We leave our kids with you, and you keep them safe and help them grow.  We hope that you feel our gratitude during Teacher Appreciation Week and for all the weeks to come.

With Love and Gratitude,

Kim Krall

Unfortunately, as Kim references above, due to COVID-19 we can’t celebrate in the usual ways, so another idea came to the surface. The Friends of the Village School will be getting lunch for the school staff on Thursday, May 6th, in celebration of Educator Appreciation Week. We hope this small gesture will be one way our educators are reminded that they are appreciated beyond measure.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Next Week’s Meals Menu:

Click here for the breakfast and lunch menus for May 3-9th.

Pangaea Gift Card Fundraiser:

VSNB parents Nick Disorda and Lani DePonte, owners of Pangaea Restaurant, have put together a great opportunity in appreciation and support of our school. They are generously donating a portion of Pangaea gift card sales to VSNB during the month of May. There are options to dine at Pangaea or order takeout. A flyer and order form will be sent home with students on Monday. Click here for more information and to download an order form.  

Mental Health Awareness Month and “Angst” Documentary Screening 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The importance of mental health has received more attention than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Health and our local United Counseling Service work to fight stigma, provide support, educate the public and advocate for policies that support people with mental illness and their families.  Next week, on May 6, UCS is presenting a free virtual screening of Angst, an IndieFlix Original documentary designed to raise awareness around anxiety. For more information, to watch the trailer, or to register, click on this UCS website link



All of these partners are helping to support many of our school programs. You can learn more about these partners at https://vsnb.org/bpie-sponsors


Bank of Bennington:  https://thebankofbennington.com/


D.B. McKenna & Co., Inc.: https://www.dbmckenna.com/

RCS Consulting, Inc.: https://www.rcs.consulting/

Whitman’s / Poulin Grain:  https://www.whitmansfeed.com/


Adam’s Lock & Security: https://www.adamslockvt.com/

Danielle D. Fogarty, PLC: https://www.ddfplc.com/

Global Z: https://globalz.com/

Maple Leaf Realty: https://www.mapleleafvermont.com/

West Oil Company: https://westoilcompany.com/

Williams Financial, LLC: https://williamsfinancial.net/


Bennington Express Car Wash and Repair:  https://www.benningtonlubeandwash.com/

Idena Beach Photography: http://www.idenabeach.com

Pembroke Landscaping:  http://pembrokelandscaping.com/