This spring, in conjunction with the VAE art instructors, our students created works of art related to Flora and Fauna. With an opening on Sunday, June 2nd, an exhibit featuring their work was on display throughout Lincoln Square in the Village of North Bennington from June 2th – 12th. Posters, sculpture, prints and ceramics from our students PreK – 6th were displayed at Powers Market and the windows of Tim Smith Architect building and Thomayer building (next to Powers).

The opening reception (with FREE Wilcox Ice cream compliments of Powers Market) was held in Lincoln Square on Sunday, June 2nd from 3-5.  

Hats off to the VAE teaching team; Gabrielle Rynes, Kristen Blaker, Caitilin McAdoo, Katrina Hastings and our Bennington College interns!

A bit more background on the projects . . . .

Gabi Rynes and our other VAE teachers like to integrate science into art projects as much as possible.  This year, the topic was Bees and Pollinators, and the importance of those to our environment.

Our lower grade students, starting in PreK created paintings by looking closely at flowers.  The PreK students outlined their flowers with felt tip markers.  What fine motor skills they have!


Our 3rd and 4th graders built and painted Mason Bee houses and some of those will be sold at our Farmer’s Market.  In choosing the colors, they learned which one bees were most attracted to.


Our 6th graders created a series of posters meant to serve as PSAs (Public Service Announcements). They learned not only about the importance of bees as pollinators, but the various aspects of a PR and Marketing campaign. To create the posters, they started with photos of the bees, then had to sketch them. Students then created bee sculptures using “Sculpty” clay, pipe cleaners and clear acetate for wings.

The 6th grade students also learned to make cold-pressed soap in scents that bees (and people!) like such as lemon-lemon grass, peppermint and lavender.  They designed labels, did a cost analysis to determine what price they should be charging for the soaps, and will be selling them at the VSNB Farmer’s Market this spring.

And finally, the Pollinator posters they created are all quite amazing!  We hope you’ll see these posted around the community!