Clarifying School Meals “Benefit Notification Letter” 


Dear Families,

We have heard from some families asking for clarification about the “Benefit Notification Letter” that you may have received from the Village School last week. The letter informed families of the outcome of their Free and Reduced (F&R) Meals application. The outcome was based on federal, not state, guidelines. Our school was required to submit this federal paperwork; however, regardless of what the Benefit Notification Letter stated, even if your application was “denied,” ALL Village School students are still eligible to receive FREE breakfast and lunch for the 2023/24 school year thanks to the State of Vermont. Vermont passed a law for the 2023/24 school year providing free universal school meals to all students regardless of their family income. The only time a student will be charged at the Village School cafeteria is for purchasing milk only (without a meal). The cost for milk without a meal is 60¢. 

Thank you again for taking time to fill out the F&R application, because even though meals are free this year, full participation in completing this application helps our school to be eligible for state and federal grant and funding opportunities. 

Warm regards,