Core Classes Overview

The Village School is committed to active, reflective, creative learning through the combined effort of staff, students, parents and the community. We work toward an integrated curriculum that crosses disciplines and age levels and celebrates the pursuit of lifelong learning. We are committed to nurturing high self-esteem and respect for others and believe that everyone can become better thinkers and independent learners. We strive to spark an attitude of inquiry and enthusiasm for learning that will enable our children to become productive, responsible citizens.

As part of our teaching approach, we incorporate key elements of Place-Based Education, Responsive Classroom, and Growth Mindset into all grade levels at the Village School.

The younger grades, pre-K through third, embrace learning as a natural activity for young children. We know that a child’s first experience at school is transitional and critical to his or her development. That’s why we celebrate the curiosity and individual interests of our young, lower-school learners by providing them with an engaging environment that promotes their natural interest in discovering, learning and growing. As with all our children, we offer a comprehensive core program in literacy, science, math, humanities, the arts, and physical and social/emotional development.

Pre-K kids on mural stairs

In the older grades, fourth through sixth, students experience a time of tremendous growth and change. During these years, our highly skilled staff teach children critical thinking skills, self-reliance, and the positive behaviors that will be vital to long-term success in school and beyond. Students learn about and develop a solid sense of themselves as leaders, community members, team members, and supportive friends. At the same time, they also develop important academic skills they’ll need as they move on to middle school.

boys at blackboard

boy in classroom