A robust program focused on ensuring preschoolers a ready transition to kindergarten.
At the Village School of North Bennington, we’re extremely proud of our preschool program, which currently serves up to 15 children, ages three to five. Through the program, parents can select from a variety of options, including an all-day experience, a half-day experience (mornings or afternoons) or even a modified, two-hour daily experience. Each of these program options is available three, four or five days a week (with the exception of the two-hour program, which requires a five-day-per-week commitment).

With our pre-K program, we’re committed to providing youngsters and their families with a safe, nurturing environment that incorporates play and age-appropriate classroom lessons, along with instruction in art, music and physical education provided by certified teachers.

We use the “Creative Curriculum” in our pre-K, a program that focuses on providing preschoolers with school-readiness skills. Our goal is to make sure our preschoolers have a successful transition to kindergarten.

Our preschool master teacher is state-certified and responsible for developing classroom lessons. The preschool staff is highly trained in early childhood education, with a goal of creating a child-centered learning environment.

Parents who qualify may obtain financial assistance from the Vermont Department of Children and Family Child Development Division.

For more information on the pre-K program or to inquire about enrolling your child, please contact 802-442-5955 or