>> Click on this link (https://www.cic-health.com/consent/vt) for the COVID-19 surveillance testing program consent form. 


How to Provide Consent for CIC Health COVID-19 Surveillance Testing:

  • Click “Consent Now” – this will take you to a “Get Started” page.
  • Under “Step 1: Select Your School District,” choose “The Village School of North Bennington (IND)” from the drop-down menu.  This will auto populate the same choice under the “Step 2: Select Your School.”  
  • Select “Sign Consent Form for a Minor”
  • Complete the “Consent Form for COVID-19 Testing” and then click “Submit” 
  • You should see a “Thank you” confirmation page.  Done!  You will receive an email confirmation as well.
  • Please note that you only need to complete this consent form once for each student.  Consent will be assumed to span the remainder of the school year.  If, at any point, you wish to withdraw consent for your student, please call the main office at (802) 442-5955. 


COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Program Information: 

The Village School of North Bennington is offering an extra layer of protection for the 2021-22 school year to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our schools — our COVID-19 surveillance testing program. This program is free for students and staff, and participation in the program is highly encouraged, regardless of vaccination status.  Although individuals who are vaccinated are less likely to spread or contract the virus, unvaccinated individuals are still at risk of exposure, and it is important for us to create an inclusive environment for both vaccinated and unvaccinated students and staff.

Vermont schools will be conducting weekly surveillance testing by way of a quick, non-invasive nasal swab, collected under the supervision of a school nurse or other trained staff. Unlike many COVID-19 tests of the past, these are easy for students (ages 5 years and older) to perform themselves under adult supervision. 

Through weekly testing, our school will be better equipped to:

  • Prevent the spread of the virus, especially among those individuals who are asymptomatic.
  • Make evidence-based decisions. By deploying a school testing program, the Village School will be able to make well-informed decisions with regards to relaxing other prevention measures, such as masking outside or the use of cohorts. 
  • Prepare our community for future curveballs in the pandemic. In preparation for the possibility of new, more virulent strains, having a comprehensive testing program in place in schools will help inform our community of new strains and viral patterns. 

Students may only participate in the program with permission from a parent or guardian. To participate in the program, you must sign this consent form on behalf of your student. Consent form instructions can be found below.

There is no charge for participating. Any student in Kindergarten through Sixth grade is eligible to participate.  We highly recommend that students with allergies be tested weekly as a part of this program, as allergy symptoms are very similar to COVID-19 symptoms, making it that much more difficult to distinguish between the two.

In advance of signing the consent form, it is important to us that you are fully informed regarding the process and that we answer any questions you might have. To learn more about our COVID-19 surveillance testing program, please visit the Agency of Education’s Covid-19 Surveillance Testing Program Overview