Current Announcements

Posted 1/7/2022

Dear Families:

First, thank you families and Village School staff members for your help and support in making this week’s transition back to school as safe and healthy as possible amid the record number of Covid cases in Vermont. While we had expected to see a few positive test results in our Surveillance testing on Monday, I am happy to report that there were only negative test results this week. As you know, Surveillance testing is just one layer in our approach to keeping our school community healthy and safe. An additional layer will be the Test to Stay program. 

Test to Stay Program for Unvaccinated Students:

We hope to have the pieces in place soon to get the Test to Stay program up and running. In order to make this work, we are asking families of UNVACCINATED STUDENTS ONLY, who are willing to participate, to fill out the following TWO forms:

  1. The Vermont Agency of Education COVID-19 Testing Program Independent School Consent Form. Click here to fill out the form. 


  2. Register with the “Simple Report” system which enables us at the Village School to manage all the testing and reporting for our students and staff. Click here to fill out the Simple Report. 

For more information about how the Test to Stay program will work, click here.

Winter Weather Plans:

On a more joyful note, it was wonderful to hear the kindergarteners singing “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” as the flurries fell outside my window. With more snow hopefully headed our way, this is a great time to let you know we intend to have at least a couple of traditional snow days so that students can go outside to enjoy the magic of a big snowfall. However, if the snow days become too numerous and preparation allows, we will incorporate distance learning days. 

On days when school is delayed, drop-off will begin at 10 a.m. and the drop-off procedure will remain the same as usual. Classes will begin at 10:30 a.m. and dismissal will be at the regular time.  

The Village School will send out a text message and eblast announcement by 6 a.m. to notify families of any weather-related delays or closures, as well as the plans for a traditional snow day or distance-learning day.

Our school’s complete Winter Weather plans are available on our website at this link:

Winter Clothing and Gear:

Please remember that students must be dressed appropriately for the winter weather and come prepared to be outside for recess and classroom breaks. Students need a winter coat, gloves, a hat, and boots, as well as snow pants (when there is snow). We also recommend students wear warm layers and pack an extra pair of dry clothing. We do not have much extra winter clothing and gear to lend out on a daily basis. If your student does not have access to winter clothing or gear, please contact School Nurse Kaitlyn Hewson at (802) 442-5955 or

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Enjoy your weekend!


P.s. The December school food drive was a great success! The second grade class delivered 364 food items to the food shelf at St. John’s church in North Bennington on Tuesday, December 21. Thanks to all in the VSNB community for their generous donations to help others!