The Village School believes in a well-rounded education that nurtures the whole child. Students benefit from weekly instruction in art, library and technology, music, and physical education as part of the school’s Encore programming. Additional Enrichment Programming is also provided throughout the year.


Immersing our students in the joy and creativity art inspires.

Girld in art class

Art and creativity play an integral role in our students’ education. Thanks to a strong partnership with the Vermont Arts Exchange (VAE), all Village School students have the opportunity to do art for art’s sake. Once a week, VAE teaching artists create art with pre-K through sixth grade students in the school’s dedicated art room using a variety of mediums and materials. Whenever possible, VAE teaching artists collaborate with classroom teachers to find creative connections to the curriculum, looking for every opportunity to use art to deepen students’ understanding of the lesson at hand.

VSNB students hanging art in village

There’s also a focus on community-designed projects and public art, as well as individual expression by solving problems through creativity. When projects are underway, VAE teaching artists help students brainstorm ideas, work through the artistic process, and then formulate a product—although for the younger students, their learning is more about the process than achieving a product. The VAE makes a point of entering students’ work in several art shows and exhibits, and all students’ artwork is displayed throughout the school during the academic year.

biodome art

The Village School was awarded second-place in a 2018 statewide Education Innovator Awards competition for a video it created highlighting the school’s partnership with the Vermont Arts Exchange. You can read more about the award here or view the video below:

Click here to learn more about the VAE.

art work by VSNB student


Teaching kids to think critically and creatively, and giving them a space for wonder and curiosity to inspire a love of learning.

As it should be, the library truly is the “community” space in our school. Students use it not only in the traditional sense of book borrowing, but also as a place to sit, read and study; meet with a teacher for help; collaborate with other students; work on projects; use the iPads, or simply contemplate. In addition to an ever-expanding collection of excellent books for students of all ages and reading levels, educational board games, and multimedia resources, the library also features a smart board and an Apple TV, enabling teachers to use this space creatively.

Director of Technology & Library Services Amanda Bickford teaches a weekly 45-minute library and technology class tailored to each grade level. The goals of the class include instilling a love of reading, enhancing classroom lessons and teaching critical library, media and technology skills such as information literacy and digital citizenship. A highlight for most students is checking out books at the end of class!

Technology use is age-appropriate and focused on creation and innovation as much as possible. Students in second grade and older have Chromebooks, and all students have access to iPads for creative endeavors and for the use of subscription-based education sites such as IXL and Spelling City. EPIC is the school’s digital library resource and includes many of the best kids’ books and ebooks.

Click here to read the school’s Technology Statement.

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Vocally and instrumentally, music enlightens young minds and helps fulfill them.

winter concert

The Village School actively promotes and embraces music as a fundamental educational and cultural activity for our students. Music Director Leslie Koelker teaches music classes twice a week for all students, designing activities that immerse our children in all the joy and enlightenment that music brings. In addition to learning to use their voice as an instrument, they’re also taught how to read music.

In the fall and spring of each school year, the school sponsors concert performances that give all our young musicians a chance to demonstrate everything they’ve learned in the music program.

kids with flutes

The school’s Strings Program starts in the first grade, when students have the opportunity to learn the violin or cello. Chorus is offered to students starting in the third grade. Band is offered to students starting in the fourth grade.


Healthy physical activity to build young bodies, minds and spirits.

Village School students benefit from Physical Education twice a week with instructor Laura Cary. She is passionate about lifelong fitness and focusing attention on the critical role that fitness, movement and activity play in students’ development. At the Village School, we emphasize cooperative games and teamwork, focusing on sportsmanship, positive communication, trust and understanding, and what it means to be a good, respectful and kind teammate. Throughout the year, Ms. Cary strives to introduce her students a wide variety of activities and sports skills. Her creative obstacle courses are especially

With the Village School’s proximity to numerous ski area, we felt it was important to introduce students to skiing. We have a partnership with the Junior Instructional Ski Program (JISP) at Bromley Mountain to teach alpine skiing to interested students. JISP sign-ups occur every fall, and the program operates during school hours on Tuesday afternoons throughout the winter. For students not participating in JISP, the school runs an Electives program that offers cross-country skiing and/or snowshoeing at the nearby Mile-Around Woods.

kids on skis

The school’s Physical Education program has also been actively involved with Girls on the Run (GOTR),  a Vermont-based, transformational, youth development program for girls, beginning in 3rd grade. GOTR teaches dynamic interactive lessons and running games that culminate in a celebratory 5K running event. The program’s goal is to build confidence through accomplishment while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness.

kids in gym


tennis practice


physical activities



Children are at the heart of all we do. We nurture a child's curiosity, ignite enthusiasm for exploring, develop tools for inquiry, for invention, for achievement. We welcome families into a community-wide collaboration to help our children grow into their best selves - responsible citizens and stewards of the greater world, makers of the future.