Haley Birdwell

Reading Specialist

Contact: hbirdwell@vsnb.org

Haley Birdwell is the Reading Specialist at The Village School of North Bennington. Previously, she taught in Connecticut as an Elementary Special Education Teacher. In Connecticut she attended Southern CT State University. Mrs. Birdwell earned a B.A. in both Regular Elementary and Special Education. She also majored in Liberal Studies with a focus in Public Health and Psychology. Mrs. Birdwell then went on to earn an M.S. in Reading and Language Arts (Grades K-12), as well as her Coaching Certification in Reading.

Mrs. Birdwell aspires to meet the individual needs of her students to help them meet their goals. She believes that all students can learn and strives to create engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for all students. In her classroom, she encourages students to have a growth mindset, take risks, and to not fear making mistakes. Mistakes are the essence of new learning!

When she is not working with children, Mrs. Birdwell is often found reading, gardening, cooking, baking, and creating art. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends and being in the beauty of nature.