Leslie Koelker

Music Director

Contact: lkoelker@vsnb.org

Leslie KoelkerLeslie Koelker is the Music Director at the Village School of North Bennington, where every student receives general music introduction and explores musical concepts through singing, dancing, performing on instruments, and playing games. Mrs. Koelker graduated from Castleton State College with a B.A. in Music and Elementary Education and also has an M.A. in Education from Southern New Hampshire University. In addition to her daily teaching of students, Mrs. Koelker also directs the youth chorus and band. She is passionate about the important role music plays in the development of young children. In her classes, children love to sing, dance, and play a variety of instruments while focusing on their individual creativity and the importance of working together to make beautiful music. Mrs. Koelker lives in North Bennington, and her son and daughter attend the Village School.

6th with music teacher


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