FVS Meeting Nov. 13, 2018 


Introductions and brief overview of history & purpose of FVS. A full listing of FVS activities are available at https://vsnb.org/friends-of-the-village-school.


>> Download the FVS Newsletter Nov.Dec.2018


Our thanks to all of the MANY volunteers who made this year’s fall 2018 events and fundraisers so successful. Please scroll to the bottom for a list of the many helping hands! 


Track and Treat Volunteers 2018 Track and Treat Bake Sale 2018

Volunteers setting up Holiday Bazaar on Dec. 11:

Tammy Carpenter
Steve Ellis
Ginger Haseman
Kaitlyn Hewson
Jodie Hudson
Nelle Knapp
Morgan Oldham
Sherry Schwarz
John Ulrich

Volunteers for Holiday Bazaar Wrapping Room

Carrie Bond
Jodi Breithaupt
Judie Brower
Tammy Carpenter
Connie Friend
Ginger Haseman
Kaitlyn Hewson
Kathy McWaters-Velon
Nelle Knapp
Kate Lamson
Nadia Lucchin
Rachel Maher
Jeanne McWaters
Loni Myran
Amy Newbold
Morgan Oldham
Maria Scully
Sherry Schwarz
Burcu Seyben
Jennifer Spika
Emily Thomayer
Heather Welle

Winter Carnival – Saturday, January 26

Tammy Carpenter and Rachel Maher, co-chairs of the Winter Carnival, talked about this fun annual indoor carnival, which is part of North Bennington’s Winterfest. The carnival features games of skill and chance plus some great STEM challenges and activities for kids of all ages. Activities are held in classrooms throughout the school, as well as in the library and gymnasium. All proceeds go directly to support classroom activities for the benefit of students. Meeting attendees discussed asking families to start setting aside and collecting items that can be sold at the White Elephant Sale.


Many volunteers are needed to help make the Winter Carnival a success. Please call 442-5955 or email tammycarpenter@vsnb.org if you would like to volunteer.


Winter Carnival 2019 Volunteers 

Jodie Hudson
John Ulrich
Ginger Haseman
Pat Gibbons
Steve Ellis
Jill Van Orden
Bret Chenkin
Tim Newbold
Amy Newbold
Burcu Seyben
Sherry Schwarz
Kim Krall
Nadia Lucchin


Costume Making Family Night 2018 Volunteers:


Kristen Blaker
Katrina Hastings
Ann Jareckie
Nadia Lucchin
Charlotte Lyons
Caitilin McAdoo
Amy Newbold
Tim Newbold
Kim Post
Rhonda Ratray
Gabi Rynes
Sherry Schwarz
Jennifer Spika


Track and Treat 2018 Volunteers:


Last Name First Name
Volunteer Assignment
Kwak Catie Organizer
Newbold Tim Organizer
Cary Laura Organizer
Schwarz Sherry
Assisting with Organizing
Carpenter Tammy
Assisting with Organizing
Driscoll Marlene
Race course
Seyben Burcu Bake sale
Brower Judie Bake sale table
Maguire Sue
Bake Sale table and help to pick up apple cider
Brower Bob Bake sale table
Myran Loni
Registration Table
Ulrich John
Race course
Elwell Lori Bake Sale
Spika Jennifer Bake sale
Carpenter Tammy
Bake sale and day of help
Maher Rachel
Bake sale and day of help
Schade Jody Bake sale
Oldham Morgan Bake sale
Weller Heather
Bake sale and day of help
Gibbons Pat
Bake sale and registration table
Haseman Ginger Bake sale
Lucchin Nadia
Bake sale and day of help
Krall Kim
Race course assistance
Nofziger Matt
Race course assistance
Scully Maria Bake Sale
Hewson Kaitlyn Bake Sale
Bond Carrie Bake Sale
McKenny Erin
Bake Sale – dropping off a baked good at 8:30 a.m. on race day
Wilson Wendy
Bake Sale – 9 am drop off
Hudson Jodie
Bake Sale – Apple cider (2 jugs)
Newbold Amy and Tim
Bake Sale – Apple cider (2 jugs)




Registration Tables


1. Pat Gibbons


2. Catie Kwak


3. Sarah Mayer


4. Deb Mayer


5. Loni Myran



Road Guides


1. 4 way stop –


2. ½ mile –


3. @ “T” – Marlene Driscoll



Water Station at 5K turn around/Road Guide


1. Kim Krall


2. Matt Nofziger





1. Tim Newbold



Pumpkin Painting


1. Gabi Rynes



Bake Sale


7:30 a.m. – 9 a.m.


1. Tammy Carpenter


2. Rachel Maher


3. Sherry Schwarz


9 a.m.-


4. Sue Maguire


5. Judie Brower


6. Bob Brower



Adventure Course


1. Laura Cary





1. John Ulrich







1. Ozgur Seyben





1. Leslie Koelker








Children are at the heart of all we do. We nurture a child's curiosity, ignite enthusiasm for exploring, develop tools for inquiry, for invention, for achievement. We welcome families into a community-wide collaboration to help our children grow into their best selves - responsible citizens and stewards of the greater world, makers of the future.