Thanks to the help of these sixth graders and their parents, the Village School now has a Gaga Ball Pit as part of its playground! It was constructed on April 28, 2024. 

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We have a few students in particular to thank for taking the initiative to bring this idea to the school. Sixth graders Maggie, Meredith, Wren, and Zelva approached Head of School Tim Newbold about getting a Gaga Ball Pit for the Village School, because they loved playing the game at the Berkshire Family YMCA Summer Camp and also at the Hulbert Outdoor Education Center, when the sixth graders took their field trip there. The students helped fundraise and then a group of sixth graders and their parents helped build a Gaga Ball Pit on Sunday, April 28. 

The following introduction to Gaga Ball is excerpted from the We Are Teachers website: 

Gaga ball is a variant of the classic playground sport dodgeball. However, instead of running around throwing balls that can smack kids in the face, head, and other sensitive body parts, gaga ball limits the impact. Players slap or hit the ball, aiming to hit other players at or below the knees. If you’re hit, you’re out. The last player in the pit is the winner. The game has been called the “great equalizer” in playground sports, gaga requires no special athletic skill or ability and is enjoyed by children of all ages.

Players start in a “pit”, an octagon shaped court, hitting and rolling the ball with their hand to eliminate other players. When players are hit below the waist, they are out-but players can always re-enter the game by catching a ball from the sidelines.