Village School Handbooks

Student & Family Handbook 2023-2024 

The Village School Student and Family Handbook provides helpful information about the Village School, including all current policies and procedures. Below we are also calling attention to a few specific policies that are also within the Handbook.

>> Village School Student & Family Handbook 2023-2024

Fragrance Policy

Students and Staff members who are sensitive to perfumes and chemicals may suffer potentially serious health consequences, triggered by exposure to scented products. In these individuals, fragrances from personal care products have been associated with inducing headaches, upper respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, asthma symptoms, and difficulty with concentration. Consequently, students and employees, as well as any visitors to the school, are asked to refrain from the use of personal scented products. 

Health and Wellness Policy

The Village School employs a Nurse and Counselor as part of its Student Health Services. It is the school’s aim to promote health and wellness, as well as nutrition education and physical activity, among its students and staff. 

>> Click here to read VSNB’s Student Health Guidelines and the Student Wellness Policy. 

Technology Statement & Policies

We recognize that to be “builders of the future,” the presence of technology holds holds an important place in our classrooms. Our goal is to help students become discerning consumers of digital media and active producers of content, using technology to create and innovate. The guiding principle for the use of technology and digital media at the Village School is that it must be purposeful and meaningful.

>> Click here to read more about VSNB’s use of technology and for access to VSNB’s technology policies.