The 22nd annual Holiday Bazaar will take place on Wednesday, December 18, in the school library. The Holiday Bazaar has two purposes: to give our students a chance to have fun doing some holiday gift shopping and to raise money for charity. We split our profits between the local Food and Fuel Fund and The Greater Bennington Peace and Justice Center’s initiative to send children to school in Somotillo, Bennington’s sister city in Nicaragua. Gifts at the Bazaar will range in price from 50¢ to $5.00, and each class will have an assigned time to shop.

We are asking for donations of items in good condition that can be given as gifts. Some ideas are: gifts that you’ve received but can’t use, knick knacks, toys, puzzles, jewelry, etc.  Handmade items will be gladly received. Smaller items will be easier to handle because space and wrapping paper are limited. We are always in need of good gifts for dads and grandpas, such as ties. (Please do not send in kitchen items and please do not send in large/bulky items.)

In addition to donating gifts, we also would love donations of wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, gift bags, shopping bags, gift tags/labels, and small jewelry boxes. The shoppers really appreciate getting their gifts wrapped. Donations and wrapping supplies can be dropped off at the Bazaar Bin located next to the school’s main office.

Volunteers are needed for the following:

•Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 3 p.m. – Volunteers are needed to set up the Holiday Bazaar 

•Wednesday, Dec. 18, from 8 a.m. – 12 noon – Volunteers are needed for 1-hour shifts (or more) to be shoppers’ helpers and to wrap presents for students. If you can volunteer, please email

Special thanks to Ginger Haseman and Kim Krall for chairing the Holiday Bazaar, and to Pat Gibbons and the Fourth Grade Class for running the Holiday Bazaar shop.