COVID-19 and Illness Policy

When to Keep a Student Home and Nurse’s Office Procedures

It can be hard to know when to keep children home from school, especially in these times when the symptoms of COVID-19 are so similar to the symptoms caused by other ailments, such as allergies, colds, and the flu. Usually the best place for students is in school, but these are times when staying home to rest or consulting with your student’s health care provider is necessary and recommended.

All students and family members with even mild symptoms are encouraged to contact their health care provider to get tested. Tests are available for everyone who wants them, and the latest testing information and locations for the greater Bennington region are available at this website:

If your student comes down with any of the above symptoms during the school day, a parent/guardian or emergency contact must pick up the student as soon as possible. A form titled Pediatric COVID-19 Communication Tool will be sent home with your student to inform you of your student’s symptom(s) and a follow-up plan. Your student must stay home for 24 hours after the symptoms have resolved. 

Our school is adhering to the Vermont Department of Health’s “COVID-19 Information for Families’ Return to School Following Illness” and the algorithm entitled  COVID-19 in Pediatric Patients (Pre-K- Grade 12), Triage, Evaluation, Testing and Return to School  for determining when students can come back to school for in-person instruction. If your student will be out of school for more than two days (excluding Distance Learning Wednesdays), your student can reach out to their teacher about joining their class through distance learning.

If you find your child is frequently asking to stay home from school and there do not appear to be any physical symptoms, if they are falling behind or appear anxious about school, please contact the school nurse or your health care provider to discuss your concern.

Mrs. Kaitlyn Hewson, the School Nurse, can be reached at 802-442-5955 or, with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your help in keeping our school and community healthy and safe.

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