We welcomed a new 6th grader to the Village School of North Bennington (VSNB) last week! Her classmates were asked to share some thoughts with her about VSNB. Their messages are aggregated into one letter. 

Dear New Student, 

We’re all so glad you’re with us! Here’s what your classmates want you to know about VSNB:

This school is awesome and the teachers are amazing! They are very serious about learning, but they make it fun at the same time. You will have an amazing time here and make many friends, because so many people are nice. This is truly like the best school you could go to. Everyone is enthusiastic. You will adapt to this school very, very, easily!   

We get to go outside and play whatever we want on a daily basis unless it’s raining or there is deep snow, then we get to have recess inside! Now, is it just me, or is that pretty cool? 

Now, I’m sure the school you were at before had art, music, and P.E., but, here, we always have a blast with the teachers and the projects that they throw at us. We also have a BBQ on the first and last day of school normally, but we might not have that this year, because, you know: “things are different this year” (you’ll hear that a lot these days)! 

This school is a nice place with nice people. This school has no bullies, which is great, because there’s a lot of schools that have bullies. 

I think you’ll find good friends to rely on.  We are kind, and respectful. Our VSNB Constitution is “Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful, and Have Fun!” 

Also, the teachers are super nice, and they do super fun projects. The teachers make learning fun and exciting. 

In sixth grade, we do lots of fun things. For example, we are reading a really cool book. We have GREAT teachers who teach us about humanities, math, and science. We also get plenty of time outside and our own “doodle books” to draw in! We have a very nice principal, great friends, and, even though we are in a pandemic, we still have a great time!

My favorite part of the school is playing outside—but avoid the bees during recess!

There is a big playground and a kickball field. Our class loves going outside, and the boys usually go outside to play kickball. We get competitive sometimes.  

We play fun games in class, too. During mask breaks, we get to draw sometimes. You can get breakfast every day in the lobby.  

Our new student should know that this year is TOTALLY different than any other year at our school. It will still be an awesome year. 

VSNB teaches kids so many important things in life like fractions, division, multiplication, and so many other things. That’s why I love VSNB, because it’s a great school, and it has a lot of good students in it. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask one of us for help. I’m 100% positive that at the end of the year, you will have befriended all of the kids in the 6th grade, and then some.

-From Your New Friends, the Sixth Graders