Here at the Village School we have a number of programs that take place beyond the classroom — both within the school itself and beyond our doors.  Here are a few comments from both parents and students about those incredible opportunities and learning experiences.

>> Click here to read what 6th graders (the Class of 2022) have to say about their years at the Village School when asked to reflect on their educational experience!

From Sherry Schwarz, parent of 2 Village School students:  “Troy Wunderle’s residency at the Village School lit a spark for my son. It introduced him—a more reserved kid—to the joy of performing, theater, acrobatics, magic and showmanship. Ben loved it and still talks about the experience. It was a great way for all the students at school to participate in something larger than themselves in a cooperative, positive and playful way. It also taught Ben, in a very tangible way, the importance of hard work and persistence to achieve a goal. He couldn’t balance a tall peacock feather on his palm or nose on the first day of Mr. Wunderle’s residency. By the end, and after much practice, he was able to do it in front of the whole school community on show night—and that meant so much to him. It was a huge confidence builder and helped set the tone for the rest of his school year.”

kids performing at circus


From a 3rd grade boy: “I think it is awesome that we get to go on field trips, like the Trout Release Day supported by Trout in the Classroom. After taking care of the trout in our classroom for many months, we worked together to release them to their new home. There were also stations that included a scavenger hunt, a gold panning station, and bug collecting. My favorite station was gold panning because it was super fun and cool to do, even though I did not find any gold.. The scavenger hunt was awesome, too. One of the things I had to find were three different kinds of leaves.”

5th and 6th on hike 2017-18

From 4th grade students who were involved with the tour of the Park McCullough House, where they learned about the family tree of the generations who are associated with the mansion which is almost adjacent to the Village School:

  • It is amazing to see the difference that one family can make in a town!”
  • “It is unbelievable that trolley cars used to drive down the center of Main Street and you could go all the way to New York City, too!”

Park McCullough Tour guides with VSNB kids

Park McCullough docents dressed in period garb greet and educate Village School 4th graders.

Village School Kids dressed up at Park McCullough House