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Notice to all Village of North Bennington & Shaftsbury District 1 Voters 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the North Bennington Graded School District (NBGSD) Prudential Committee and the NBGSD Clerk have opted to mail ballots to district voters. Those ballots will be mailed to all North Bennington Village and Shaftsbury District 1 residents in early February. If you choose to drop off your ballot rather than returning by mail, the North Bennington Train Station Depot will be open for drop offs from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM on March 2nd. One person will be allowed to enter the building at a time.

We STRONGLY encourage you to mail in your ballot. If you wish to receive an early absentee ballot for the Annual Town Meeting, the MAU Annual Meeting, and the Regional Tech Center Annual Meeting, you must request one from your Town Clerk.

The NBGSD Annual Meeting will be held virtually on Saturday, February 27 at 9 a.m. via Zoom. 

Website: https://svsu.zoom.us/j/96485622958?pwd=VVlQckFtN2VhTnRJZFhlSTc0bXZkdz09

Meeting ID: 964 8562 2958

Passcode: 194814


North Bennington residents are reminded that they are part of the Town of Bennington and are entitled to vote for matters pertaining to the Town of Bennington, MAU, and also the Tech Center. Please see the attached Voter Information Page from the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union FY20 Annual Report for more information.

Shaftsbury District 1 residents must vote in Shaftsbury for all town matters. Neither the town of Bennington nor Shaftsbury are mailing ballots unless requested. If you wish to receive an early absentee ballot for the Shaftsbury Annual Town Meeting, the Bennington Annual Town and Tech Center Meetings, you must request one from the Town Clerks listed below.

• Bennington Town Clerk (802) 442-1043

• Shaftsbury Town Clerk (802) 442-4038


COVID issues restrict us from distributing annual reports door-to-door, as we have in the past. If you wish to receive a copy of the Village of North Bennington Annual Report call (802) 447-7450 or 430-8522 or go online to: northbennington.org/village/village-of-north-bennington-official-documents.

For the NBGSD Annual Report please call (802) 442-5955 or the SVSU at (802) 447-7501.

The Village School of North Bennington Annual Report will be sent home with students and it is available by clicking here.  It is also available at the McCullough Library’s book pick-up table and at the school’s main entrance.

To have a copy of the Village School’s Annual Report mailed to you, please call (802) 442-5955.