The Vermont Arts Exchange (VAE) and the Village School of North Bennington (VSNB) are happy to announce the opening of an art exhibit titled “INSIDE OUT.” The exhibit takes place at the glass lobby entrance at VSNB on 9 School Street in North Bennington and opens on Wednesday, May 20, and runs until the end of school. “Inside Out” is installed with all the art displayed in the windows facing outside for ease of social distancing.

“The exhibit is sort of making up for the cancelled participation in the Art from the Schools at the Southern Vermont Art Center, plus we added a special addition” says VAE Director, Matthew Perry. VAE decided we also wanted to exhibit artwork made while “staying at home.” This includes art made with family, which is important to highlight. The parents out there are not only holding down the household but helping to school their kids. Taking time to create together is a nice break and a whole lot of fun.”

VAE Teaching artists at VSNB, Gabrielle Rynes and Caitilin McAdoo, have
collected artwork over the past year from pre-K to sixth grade. The works on
display cover all types of medium, various projects, class integration, and group
to individual. The sampling of stay-at-home works include a chair built from scrap wood and a large American flag made from pine (both crafted/done with dad’s help) plus painted wood drawings cut out on the bandsaw by mom. There’s sculpture from clay, recycled material and paintings, collages and drawings.

Tim Newbold, Head of School at VSNB comments on the art and exhibition. “There is great joy and a sense of accomplishment in the making or the creating of something. Times like these are when we need to stop and notice the beauty and wonder of the world around us and who better to show us than young people. I am always amazed at the art our students produce and I think it is just as important to celebrate that as it is to recognize them for their work in reading and math.”

There will be no opening reception so that we meet the safety guidelines around gathering. When you do visit the exhibit, please abide by the social distancing rule of staying at least 6 feet apart. Also, note the playground is still closed for now. Take a break from the computer and online learning and get outside! Come on over and enjoy the show as it looks out onto the world! 

For more information, call the VAE at 802-442-5549. 

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