The Village School recognizes that to be “builders of the future,” the presence of technology holds an important place in our classrooms. Our goal is to help students become discerning consumers of digital media and active producers of content, using technology to create and innovate. The guiding principle for the use of technology and digital media at the Village School is that it must be purposeful and meaningful.

>> Click here to read the VSNB Online Code of Conduct

>> Click here to read the complete VSNB Technology Statement

For the school’s “Responsible Computer, Network, and Internet Use” policy, please refer to the VSNB Student and Family Handbook available here:


Online Safety & Security

Keeping students safe on their school-provided devices is of paramount importance to the Village School. School-issued accounts are monitored through Bark for Schoolsa service that helps us better protect our students, both at school and at home. The intent is not to try to catch kids doing bad things; it is to try to educate them on how to be safe, how to be protected, and how to be appropriate with their online and digital footprint.

>> Click here to read VSNB’s letter to families about Bark for Schools. 

>> Click here to review the G Suite for Education Notice to Parents and Guardians

>> Click here to read the VSNB Zoom Permission Notice to Parents and Guardians


Resources for eLearning 

How to Access Google Classroom & Gmail on a Chromebook

VSNB Parent Portal – Click here for instructions on how to access the TeacherEase Parent Portal. TeacherEase is the school’s student management database. 

• Parental Controls, also known as parental lock or kids lock, are features that let you control how and when your child uses the internet or their devices. >> Click here to read more about parental controls and how to set them up on different devices.