Template In Opposition to Bills S.66 and H.258

Please refer to the template letter below to express your opposition to bills S.66 and H.258. Please share a personal reason that the Village School of North Bennington is important to your family and child(ren).

It is recommended that you write to Governor Phil Scott, Members of the House and Senate Education Committee, and Sponsors of  the bills. Their contact information is available at the following links:


I am writing to share my concerns with S.66 and H.258, which would prohibit most of the state’s independent schools from receiving public tuition money. Under this proposal, schools such as the Village School of North Bennington (VSNB) would cease to exist. This would be a crisis for our community and for the Vermont education system as a whole.

Schools like VSNB make it possible for ALL children within our community, specifically North Bennington and Shaftsbury District 1, to have an excellent education in a safe and inclusive learning environment. 

Bills S.66 and H.258 would eliminate an invaluable and beloved community resource.  



Vermont Town