Actors will learn to understand more challenging texts, practice various forms of comedy (especially physical comedy), and experience the joys of storytelling in this workshop. The workshop is open to students in 4th-6th grade. It starts on Monday, January 9 and ends on Thursday, February 16. Stop by the office for a sign-up form. 

The story of Twelfth Night has it all—twins, mistaken identities, broken hearts, silly nonsense, Elizabethan political metaphors, and much much more. It is truly a quintessential Shakespearian play. 

Annika Owenmark is a student at Bennington College studying psychology and education, and Annika has been involved with the Village School for the past year—most recently substitute teaching. Back home (Bay Area, California) Annika works at a theater company that focuses on Shakespeare. Annika believes that Shakespeare’s works offer a common language set and a set of stories that are frequently cited in our own culture. We can use his language to tell our own stories. Performance helps individuals gain confidence, find their voice, and play—as children and all people should.