October 23, 2020

Dear Families,

After much consideration, I have decided to extend the Thanksgiving Vacation from two and half days to the whole week. The new vacation dates will run from Monday, November 23, through Friday, November 27 (with classes resuming on Monday, November 30). I hope this longer vacation will provide students and staff with a much-needed and well-deserved break. Please refer to the hardcopy letter I sent home with students today or click here to read more about why we made this decision and why it may be necessary to build additional breaks into our school calendar every so often.  

I hope you can also take some time this weekend to read a letter I sent home with students about how the upcoming Presidential Election can be an important teachable moment for our students, especially if we (as parents and guardians) respond and engage in dialogue through the lens of the Village School Constitution: honoring the values of safety, kindness, respect, and even having fun! Click here to read the letter online.

Speaking of fun, with Halloween happening next weekend, we are re-sharing the link for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations about celebrating Halloween and other holidays in a safer way. Click here to read the article.

Two safe Halloween activities happening in our community include:  

  • The Vermont Arts Exchange’s 28th Annual North Bennington Halloween Parade, which will take place on October 31st at 4 p.m. This year’s event will be a “stay in your car” parade starting at Bennington College and ending at the Vermont Arts Exchange (VAE)/The Train Depot. Full details are available on the VAE website by clicking here
  • Trunk or Treat Bennington Safe Halloween Celebration:  All kids and families are invited to reserve a ticket (free of charge) for this event, which is taking place between the hours of 5-8 p.m. at Bennington Honda. Several local businesses will be decorating trunks and tents in Halloween style and kids can come dressed in costume and collect candies at each of the trunks. Click here for more details.

Lastly, the VSNB breakfast and lunch menu for next week is available. Click here for the menu.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tim Newbold