December 2020

Please read on to find out what to expect from the Village School in terms of our plans for handling inclement conditions this winter. 


Will Our School Have Snow Days?

While your students may be disappointed to hear that we won’t have snow days this academic year, we think it is important to have as many instructional days as possible. Our school’s distance learning infrastructure enables us to offer instruction now on days that traditionally would have been snow days. 

Weather Related Distance Learning

If road conditions are not safe enough to allow for in-person instruction, our school will move to distance learning and send out a text message and eblast announcement by 6 a.m. that day notifying families. You should then expect a communication directly from your student’s teacher about the day’s instructional plans. After the new year, teachers will give “snow day assignments/activities” to students who don’t take their Chromebooks home every day.  

Weather-Related Delayed Openings

As in past years, we may still have weather-related delayed openings. Please note that there will never be a delay on distance-learning Wednesdays. 

On days when school is delayed, drop-off will begin at 10 a.m. and the drop-off procedure and health screenings will remain the same as usual. Classes will begin at 10:30 a.m. Breakfast will be available for pick-up in the lobby.  Please remember to fill out your student’s health screening online. 

Pre-K Students and Special Education Students

Families of Pre-K students and Special Education students will receive a separate communication on Wednesdays, if it is unsafe to have in-person instruction.