Weather-Related School Delays and Closings

The Village School uses a five-pronged approach to notify families about weather-related delays/closings. The Village School does not always follow SVSU delays and closings, so please use one of the methods below to determine if VSNB is closed or delayed. We try to stay open as long as the conditions are safe. If you will be late or don’t feel that you can safely travel, please call 802-442-5955. We will understand and support your decision.

  1. VSNB Website – We post an update on the school’s website at
  2. News Outlets – We notify the Vermont and Albany news outlets through their alert system.
  3. E-mail – We will send an email to parents/guardians whose email addresses are on file with the school. 
  4. Text Messaging – If you have activated SMS text messaging within TeacherEase, you will receive a text message.  To activate, text the word “start” to 833-506-1827.
  5. TeacherEase App – You can download the TeacherEase app and set your preferences within the app to receive notifications.