Reflections from the Class of 2024 

When asked to reflect on their years at the Village School as one of their writing assignments, our 6th graders shared many heart-warming stories and interesting perspectives in their own words. Excerpts from some of these reflections are included below. 

Village School students enjoying their first day as sixth graders, as part of the tradition of sixth graders welcoming each kindergarten student with a sunflower. 


I have been at the Village School since kindergarten, and I have been able to learn so much and grow as a person. The Village School does not just teach you math and English language arts; it helps you grow as a person to be kind and to enjoy learning through unique experiences. Some of these experiences include Hiland Hall Gardens, which provides enjoyable time outside and also teaches you science with hands-on activities. Another unique program is Four Winds, which teaches us science about the world around us.

Our school is really amazing not just because of all of the great programs there are for students, but especially because of the teachers, teaching assistants, staff, and all of the people who make our school run, including the students. With all of the people at our school who help to make sure others can learn and grow as a person, it’s no mystery to me why the school is so beloved by many. 

It is nice that our school is smaller because it allows everyone to have a voice and get support. We  also have a very connected community within our school.  I appreciate that we are also able to go on some very special field trips such as: Keewaydin, Hulbert, Howe Caverns, and Merck Forest, which were all really fun, yet I learned so much at all of them. 

There are only so many ways that you can put into words how amazing something is that can’t truly be put into words. Being a part of the Village School is an experience that I feel lucky to have had. I’m sad that this is my last year here, but I am glad to have been here for pretty much my whole life.


I have had a great experience during my time at the Village School of North Bennington. I have been here since Pre-K and still have friends from my first year here. I have had many great teachers and have participated in many great after school activities. VSNB has made my learning experience fun, and I have learned so much. 

One of my favorite memories here at the school was going to Merck Forest with my dad. During my second grade year we went to Merck Forest for an overnight stay and I had so much fun. Another overnight experience that I had was in fifth grade when we went to Keewaydin, also known as KEEC, which is an environmental education center where we learned so much about the world around us. However, that wasn’t the last overnight experience that I had. In sixth grade and my last year at the Village School of North Bennington we went to Hulbert and did many amazing activities and learned about teamwork and leadership. I had such a great time staying in all of these places. I hope that many more people that go here have as much of a positive experience as I did. 

[A guest presenter] that comes every other year to our school is Troy Wunderle. He teaches us how to do these amazing tricks and performances in front of the school and in front of the parents of the kids in the school. I have learned how to do so many amazing tricks. For example, I learned how to walk with stilts on and some people learned how to ride a unicycle. Thank you so much to the school for making it possible for Troy Wunderle to come, and thank you Troy Wunderle for coming.  

In the school day we have special activities that are: gym, music, art, and library. All of the teachers that run them are amazing and make sure that all the students are included in their activities. Thank you so much to all the teachers that have taught me in all of these activities. 

I have had such a great time at this school and have met some amazing people. I hope that everyone has a chance to experience all of the things that I did and more. Thank you VSNB for making all of this possible  


I first arrived at the Village School of North Bennington in Kindergarten. I was a bit nervous at first but after a bit I warmed right up. All my teachers have encouraged me to try my hardest and never give up. My friends have always been at my side and made me laugh.

There were many activities I enjoyed here, such as skiing, playing the snare drum, getting better at chess and also being in a play. I have made a lot of great memories throughout my years at VSNB with teachers. One of my favorite memories I made was in fourth grade when we did Night of the Notables. Night of the Notables is where you dress up as one person who was famous and give a speech about their life. I also enjoyed going to Howe Caverns in fourth grade. It was really cool to see the giant cave. 

One of my favorite field trips I went on was going to the Statue of Liberty in fifth grade. I loved going on the bus to the Statue of Liberty. I also loved going to see it because it was my first time seeing it up close. Another one of my favorite field trips I went on was in sixth grade. We went to Camp Hulbert, where we practiced team building and leadership. It was fun because we did all different activities there.

I loved this school. It is so supportive. It is unique. It’s a smaller school but it has so much learning, laughing, and kindness packed in it. When I look back now I realize how lucky I am because I went to school here at VSNB.  I loved my time here and wouldn’t have it any other way.


I love the VSNB. I love the science fair and experiments. I love Kahoot and early hominids. Sometimes I had a hard time, but teachers and friends helped me. I am so glad that I went here. I have learned so much in the last seven years. I learned social skills, long division, exponents, how to write paragraphs, and much, much, much more. I am so sad that I have to leave next year. My favorite special is art. I just love to work with clay, paint, glaze, graphite, and so much more. The amazing art teachers taught us graphite transfer, and how to work with clay. The teachers here make learning as fun as it can possibly be. When they can, they teach us with games and other creative ways. They are always ready to give a helping hand. Whenever I have struggled in a subject, a teacher has helped me learn it. Sometimes so much that I do it for fun.


I have been at VSNB since kindergarten. Throughout my experience here I have always been encouraged to learn more and be curious. 

One of my favorite memories here at VSNB that has made my love for the school much stronger was going to make maple syrup with my 2nd grade class. This has always been a memory I will cherish. 

Another thing I love about VSNB is that my teachers don’t feel like they are just there to teach. I feel like I can talk to them and make friendships and bonds with them throughout the school year.

I know that VSNB isn’t a big school, but if it was I definitely would not get the attention and support from teachers and peers that I might need. I think that having enough attention and support for a student [is important] as they grow and change. It is really special to experience that and having a smaller school makes that possible. I also think that when your friends/peers can help you it creates a stronger bond for the whole class. This makes it easier to have friendships and build more trust when we have new students. The Village school goes out of its way to make those students feel that when they join the class environment they feel safe and welcomed. I have some really strong friendships with the kids in my class and I feel that I can trust them. I hope that everyone in our class and other classes can treat other people with kindness and respect.

One of my favorite things about VSNB are the school’s traditions of field trips and events that are loved throughout the grade levels of the school. My personal favorite event is the Winter Carnival! I know that the school has created memories for all the kids who went here and those memories will be with them forever.


The Village School is such an amazing place to be because of the teachers! They are amazing and kind.

I have made so many good friends. I really don’t want to leave this school.  Everyone feels like family. I am one of those people who has been here since Pre-K, and I would do anything to stay at this wonderful place. Looking back, I was so scared to come to a school because I am a shy person and it takes me a little while to warm up to new people, but after I started to get to know more people here and get comfortable I realized how lucky I was to be here.

             One activity that I have enjoyed here is Girls on the Run, because I like running and we had really nice coaches. They taught us to just try our best and to have fun. Another activity I enjoyed were language classes. I liked learning both Spanish and French, and it was very cool to learn and watch our language teachers speak different languages. Another thing that I enjoyed was Hiland Hall Gardens because we learned all about food and nature.

Thank you so so much VSNB for this amazing eight years of my life!


I came to VSNB in Pre-K. VSNB is an amazing school. I like the teachers here. My favorite specials were P.E and Library, because in P.E. I get to run a lot and play fun activities like basketball, scooters, tag [and more]. In Library I get to borrow books that I think would be good reads. I loved it from the first day that I was here and I know I will like it until the last!


My experience at The Village School of North Bennington was absolutely phenomenal. My school is a safe and caring learning environment. I have made so many friends, and have learned so much.

One of my favorite memories at this school was the overnight field trip to Merck Forest (in second grade).I also love all of the fun traditions that my school has such as the Holiday Bazaar and the chorus and band programs. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow at VSNB. 

Another thing that this school has taught me is that learning can be fun. My school is tremendous. My experience here has been amazing. It will be incredibly hard to leave this year, but my teachers have prepared me for this new adventure in middle school. I have been taught to read, write, multiply, divide, be a good listener, be a good friend and so much more at my school. I am so lucky to be a part of this family. Thank you VSNB!


The Village School is an amazing school. I’ve met some of my closest friends here, and I’m never going to forget the amazing memories I’ve made here. Although I’m excited for middle school, I’m going to miss this school a bunch. I’ve only been here since 4th grade, but I feel like I know this school better than my old school. I hope others are able to make happy memories like I did. The teachers here are really helpful, even if they are strict sometimes. I’m definitely going to miss teachers [who] made learning like a game and had us do activities to learn. Overall, I’m really going to miss this school because it was just so much fun to be here.


I love VSNB! While attending this school I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life. I have made many new friends and met many new people. I also have lots of teachers that I have to thank for their time teaching me and making my school life fun.

My teachers have helped me on my path to graduation and a new school. With their help I’m encouraged to do a lot better in school and work harder. My class is like a family to me. I feel comfortable around my friends to be myself and not worry what other people think.


VSNB is awesome and it was a fresh start for me. I used to go to Cambridge School and there it’s grades PK-12. It’s gigantic. I’ve decided I like smaller schools more because you get the attention you need. You also get the education you need. 

My teachers here have helped me when I’m stuck and encouraged me to focus and to be excited to learn. [They] expect you to do your work and turn it in on time, but they will help you through it. 

VSNB friendships are everything. People here are like family, including the teachers. The faculty have helped me become a better and stronger person. 

VSNB is an awesome school, and I think everyone should have a chance to go to VSNB or go to a school like VSNB. I’ve had so many enjoyable days and memories here. 

I think VSNB is a once in a lifetime opportunity.