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School Counseling Services

Pam Hubbs is the School Counselor at the Village School. You can read more about Ms. Hubbs at this link: https://vsnb.org/faculty-staff/pam-hubbs

Guidance services and the school counseling program at the Village School are based on the belief that children need to feel a sense of mastery in academic, social, and individual arenas to develop and reach their potential. This sense of mastery when it is paired with a feeling of belonging and cooperation fuels individual and community success. The role of our counselor and building support team consisting of school counselor, school nurse, teachers, support staff, and administrators is to work cooperatively to create a safe, respectful and challenging environment where children experience themselves as competent learners and valuable members of a positive school community. We seek to align our comprehensive guidance and counseling program with the ASCA National Standards for counseling. 
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Village School Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Statement

It is the Village School’s philosophy that children who feel safe, secure, and nurtured will be successful learners. With this philosophy in mind, our entire school community works together to embrace social-emotional learning (SEL), which provides students with a strong foundation in building skills to: develop healthy identities; understand and communicate their emotions; self-regulate their actions; set and achieve both personal and collective goals; feel and show empathy for others; resolve conflicts with friends, parents/guardians, and the other adults in their lives; establish and maintain supportive relationships; and to improve problem-solving abilities so that students are able to make responsible and caring decisions. These skills are cultivated collectively through efforts both within the classroom and outside of the classroom, by all members of the school community, including: faculty, support staff, administrators, and the school counselor.


Resources for Families

2022 Prevent Child Abuse VT’s Parents Home Companion Resource Directory
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The Vermont Family Network: https://www.vermontfamilynetwork.org/
The mission of Vermont Family Network is to empower and support all Vermont children, youth, and families, especially those with disabilities or special health needs.