Cassidy Kokasko



Cassidy Kokasko joined the Village School in 2023 as the school librarian in a collaboration with the John G. McCullough Free Library. The unique balance between school and public librarianship offers a chance to strengthen the connection between two fantastic institutions, and Ms. Cassidy is exceptionally excited to be allowed this opportunity to be so deeply involved with such
a loving, welcoming community.

Raised in downstate New York, Ms. Cassidy’s passion for reading was one that was actively encouraged and allowed to blossom into the great motivator for her life. After being accepted into an
accelerated studies program, Ms. Cassidy completed a bachelor’s degree in English at SUNY New Paltz in 2019 and a master’s degree in 2020. With two degrees in hand and a concerning desire for another, she enrolled in UAlbany’s Graduate Program to study Library and Information Science, completing
that degree in Fall of 2022 after two years of online study. She has experience as a bookseller,
an English tutor, a file clerk, and a number of other professions, but librarianship is her
unquestionable calling.

When not nose-deep in a book or taking a nap, Ms. Cassidy tends to be found working out or hiking some of the beautiful trails in the area. She also has a talent for baking, a love of live music, and sometimes makes half-hearted attempts at writing.