Tony Kasulinous

Humanities Teacher for Fifth and Sixth Grades


Tony Kasulinous is the Humanities teacher for fifth and sixth grades at the Village School of North Bennington. He has been teaching for more than 25 years in middle school classrooms. In addition, in the course of his career in independent schools, he has served administratively as an Assistant Head of School, a Dean of Students, and an Athletic Director. Mr. Kasulinous graduated with B.A. degrees in English and Psychology from Southern Vermont College and he received an M.A. in Education from North Adams State College. As an educator he works hard to develop rapport with his students and teach and support them in all aspects of their learning, growth, and development. His student-centered lessons are planned to meet students where they are at and to build skills, increase content knowledge, and heighten children’s academic confidence and self-esteem. Mr. Kasulinous believes that it is important to teach children how to think, not what to think. His classroom is a safe, kind, and caring learning environment that emphasizes the importance of respect, effort, accountability, acceptance, leadership, teamwork, and citizenship. 




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