John Ulrich

Second Grade Teacher


John Ulrich teaches second grade at the Village School of North Bennington. He has been a teacher for almost 40 years, with most of those years spent working with children in second grade. He graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in History and an M.S. from Castleton State College in Vermont. Mr. Ulrich taught at the San Francisco Day School and served in the Peace Corps in 1981 and 1982. He is committed to experiential learning and is constantly looking for innovative ways to have his classes experience the joy of learning something new. His program is both active and engaging, matching the development needs of children in the second grade. Mr. Ulrich will often take children out of the school to hike local trails, visit nearby ponds, camp overnight at state parks, and partake of the many rich and varied resources found in and around the community of North Bennington.

John Ulrich





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